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Silk Pillow Case Hauz


The Hauz pillow case, made of natural silk, will protect your face with the finest and softest material!

Sleep comfort

Silk regulates heat and will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It is an ideal material throughout the year.

Gentle sense

Silk is a soft, natural material, very gentle on the skin that does not create wrinkles.

Hypoallergenic material

It does not cause allergies and is compatible with all skin types.


Silk can be washed at 30°C as often as you like.

Why choose them: Due to the natural material with the softest feeling.


  • ‣ Composition: 100% silk
  • ‣ 2 dimensions
  • ‣ Color: White
  • ‣ With elegant carrying case
  • ‣ Certification of OEKO TEC Standard 100

*The pillow is not included.

Color: WHITE
100,00 € 60,00 €