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Mattress Hauz 2cool Firm


An extremely comfortable sleeping mattress

The Hauz 2Cool mattress features individually wrapped pocket springs that distribute weight evenly across the mattress, providing you with maximum support and comfort. Additionally, the mattress contains a deep layer of pressure relieving memory foam that provides the best possible support and durability.


Firm anatomic mattress | Height: 36 cm (+/- 1,5 cm)



• Visco Memory Foam

High quality memory foam of 50dn density and 7 cm height, enriched with a special gel with thermoregulatory properties that creates a cool sleeping environment.

• Thermoregulatory properties on the sleeping surface

2Cool fabric is a new technological breackthough that regulate the temperature by managing heat and humidity.

• Pocket Springs

Independent pocket springs of 18cm height and 7 support zones that operate independently and offer targeted support at pressure points.

• Adaptive Technology™

Enjoy the ideal sleeping environment with Adaptive technology. It will minimize the effects of fatigue by providing ideal support to the shoulders, hips and joints.

• DHT technology springs

Springs made of double heat treatment to be durable for a longer time and silent operation. Tested based on international standards for the quality and behavior of the material.

• Foam Wall

Support foam of reinforced density 28dn, which stabilizes the materials of the mattress and offers durability and strength to the mattress.

1.150,00 € 920,00 €
1.400,00 € 1.120,00 €
1.830,00 € 1.464,00 €
1.950,00 € 1.560,00 €
2.060,00 € 1.648,00 €